Hey Everybody!!! It’s your girl, “Slyce” and welcome to the official OG Publications website. This website was designed to share the up’s and downs of authors in the publishing game. But before we go any further, let me share my story…

A Little bit about Me, Marilyn Brown

My love for writing began at the tender age of nine. I use to write to tame my vivid imagination. During my adulthood, I suffered from the disease of addiction for 20 years. One day, my husband came home from work and asked me a serious question. He asked, “Is this what you’re going to do for the balance of your life?  What do you want to do… this has got to STOP!”  I thought about it for a moment and I said, “I want to write a book”.  The following week when he got paid he brought me a computer and “SLYCE” was born. That was ten years ago! Today, I find joy in being a wife, a mother and a grandmother. In addition, I work as an Intake Director at a men’s assisted living facility.

A Little bit about Me, Slyce

slyce profile picI don’t have a specific time to be “SLYCE”. I write when I feel it.  The genre in which my books are written are what I call, Urban Erotic Tales which are “faith based”.  I write about what I know.  I know the Lord and I know the streets. I don’t normally have to do a lot of research. I’m personally familiar with everything I write about. I just put the pen to the paper and let it flow.

As a new author in 2010, I published my material through a known publishing company. I was so excited to be published that I didn’t quite read the contract.  Well, I soon realized that it was not financially feasible for me to remain with this publishing company.  They obtained most of my royalties, as outlined in the contract. For that reason, I decided that I wanted to have complete control of my material from the beginning to the end, which meant I had to separate from the publishing company I’d been working with.

I started my own publishing company “O.G (Only God). PUBLICATIONS”.  Under my own print, I revised and released the books I’d written:  Dream Killers, Forever a Gangsta: G-4-Life, and Forever a Gangsta- The Rebirth. Electronic copies of each book are available on Amazon and the paperback versions are coming soon!

A little bit about what Slyce does

As I said earlier, when I started in 2010, I knew nothing about “the lit game”. One day I thought to myself, “maybe there are other authors like myself who are just as confused”. So, I started SLYCE THE BOOK CLUB (STBC), a group on Facebook.  On STBC, new authors and veteran authors could come to my page and post their material, but there was no interaction. One year after I started STBC, I decided to create a segment I called, THE INTERROGATION ROOM. As part of this segment, I asked each featured author twenty questions regarding their material and their publishing experiences. The viewers would have an opportunity to ask questions, readers could talk with their favorite author and authors could reveal to the readers a little more about themselves.  I figured we could learn from each other.  This is where I use the philosophy “each one, teach one”. The numbers in the INTERROGATION ROOM grew so quickly that I also started a blog talk show, CHOPPIN IT UP WIT YA GIRL SLYCE. I would interview authors, rap artists, spoken word artists and poets- if you did it with a pen, you could do it on CHOPPIN IT UP WIT YA GIRL SLYCE.  I also extended the INTERROGATION ROOM from three days a week to five days a week. As my family grew, I was forced to create another segment, SUPER SUNDAY INTERROGATION WITH A TWIST. This is where I interview three authors at three different times throughout a day.

Now, with the support of several positive and productive individuals, we are here!  I’d like to give special shout outs to those who have assisted me thus far: Aija Butler­-AMB Branding, Felisha Bradhshaw­-Urban Grapevine Magazine, Sharlene Smith­-She Works Promotion, Kim Morrow­-Blog Talk Radio, Deneen Tyler­-DTyler Consulting Services and Virtual Assistance, Michele DuBose­-Application Developer/Web Designer, Dion Cheeze- IUrban, Bambi F. Moore­-Technical Advisor, LaShawn Wells­-Ziggy Promotions, Stephanie White and Urban Novelist Eureka. Each of them were all instrumental in helping me through this journey. They offered their advice, services, friendship and much more. ­ Check out the interrogations by clicking on “The Interrogation Room” tab (Above) ­ and join in on the mission!